Will you follow your Dream

Do you follow your dream?

Do you believe your Dreams will come true?

Not just the Small ones, the BIG BIG BIG ones???

Dreams DO come true, when you Follow them.

More than mindset, surely no miracle,

It is all about ACTION! Not just action, but focused action.

Wouldn’t you agree? Are you Ready for action? Do you FOCUS your ACTION?

In today’s technological age, a business is essentially an idea in Action. I am not talking about unfocused ideas, or random actions. Focused ideas and planed actions, for deliberate results. As a business, actions to benefit PEOPLE and become profitable.

Think of it this way. If you had a fitness trainer tell you to do some workout, or if they actually did the workout WITH YOU… What do you think would be more productive? What about business, or your “Business mentor”? Do they Tell you what to do, or are they actually doing business WITH YOU? I am not talking about a video you work along with, but a real person motivating you, keeping you accountable, showing you what YOU CAN do!!!

Our Plan may not be for EVERYONE!!!! It will take hard work and dedication, collaboration and planning, preparation and execution to make YOUR DREAM come true. You will need to expand your understanding, improve your attitude, and TAKE ACTION. But you will not be alone on your journey. We will not only BE THERE through the process, but we will be participating in the action taking WITH YOU. We can not do it TO you, We will no do it FOR you, but we will do this WITH YOU.

Your ACCEPTANCE is NOT MANDITORY!!!! In other words, you might not get picked up on a team right away. You might need to get some information, and take individual action to build a skill or value to bring to a team. We can help with that too, we have practice projects, and all the tools and information to bring your dream to life, even all by yourself, if that is what you want.

Not that it is impossible to make your Millionaires Dream come true without any help or a plan or a team, because YOU have a DREAM. We just think it is a lot easier with a TEAM.

So, What’s next?

First look over the next few questions. Think them over, and ask yourself; WHY, WHAT, HOW, WHO. Ensure your WHY is bigger than your BUT. (the when and where are easy, HERE and NOW).

What is your ‘Millionaires’ Dream?

Do you want to spend your fortune on altruism?

To make it BIG and buy a YATCH?

Do you just want a passive income so you can ENJOY being YOU??

Do you want to be challenged to grow?

How CAN you realize your DREAMS?

What do you want to do?

What are you passionate about?

What do you Like to do?

Who might be able to help you realize your dream?

Who can contribute to your business?

How might you go forward???


The “Millionaires’ Dream” is here to make Dreams come true!!! YOUR DREAMS!

This is not the EASY road, or the “Magic Bullet”.

This very website IS an IDEA we took into ACTION.

If you are looking to take your idea to life, or want to contribute to an idea and business, just subscribe to the newsletter.

We will introduce you to our business model, and project development process.

We share live discussions about various topics of business development, and even record some, so just drop in and ask questions or register for our newsletter.

Every action is met with an equal and opposite re-action. What will your next action be?


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When the stream playing, we are streaming We are LIVE!!!
Jump in and join the discussion post a question.

Documenting a Dream.

The Original “Idea” I had as a kid was a Much bigger than a Million BUCKS. To be honest, it has never been about the money.
It has, is, and always will be about helping people. Together people generate and share value. (both digital and other). When I looked into the InterWeb to find a way to earn some $ for good. I discovered the “CONTROL OF INFORMATION” done in online business. How “gurus” marketed information. That P!$$#) me off.

Having come from a poor family, I did not want to waste money on some get rich quick scheme. I had been duped before… Has anyone every seen that “envelope stuffing” Add in the newspaper? Anyway I decided to get my hands on all the “Free” or nearly free information I could find. Believe me there is a lot.

Now that I know how to build websites, I plan to put together all the information I have gathered over the years and put it right here on this website. It might take me some time to get it all posted since right now I am doing most the gathering,documenting, web building, writing, video posting, networkng, email writing, list building, etc, etc, etc.

Sure you can search and search and search online for 30 different courses or 150 different foucses of online business and marketing, propabally a lot more. I am sure I have studied at least that many.

Or contact me directly and ask. The plan is to record the explainations or discussions, and post it on this web. That way the Dynamic Expansion of this website is transparent and documents the process.

The world of “online business coaches” is also taking on that exponential factor of Expanding. I have gained much value and insight from personal and business coaches online. I have some recordings of coaching sessions taken during the development of this website. Feel free to review.

I am not recommending you go out and spend thousands of dollars for a personal coach, in fact all the coaching recorded on this website was provided complimentary to me and can be to you too.

Also, coaching is a lot different than Doing! Much of what I have learned, I learned by doing. I figured out a long time ago that doing something with someone, while learning from them, creates a much stronger understanding and ability of a broader scope than can be gained by study and coaching alone. Often the coaches coach, but it is you that is playing the game. Are you playing alone, or do you have a TEAM? Some teams have a captian, who is part mentor, part player. Are you playing without a team captian?

That is why I have registered The MillionairesPlan.com, and MillionairesTeam.com websites for this project. That way a “Coach” will share our PLAYBOOK AKA the “Millionaires Plan”. The coach will be more than just a Coach, they will also be the Captian. And the GAME, whell that will be a project where all contributors share in the value created and be owners of that project and any profits generated. You will become part of a Millionaires Team…

The requirements are simple. If you have a DREAM, All you have to do is Follow it.
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Do not let the desire for Millions of Dollars deter you from the infinite possibilities! what have you got to loose, a few moments? What is the least you might get, some knowledge and experience working on a project that does not make a Million?

What are the Possibilities, that your project will be worth Millions?

What is stoping you from Following YOUR Dream.